I'm David.

I write code. I like to cook. I also write not-code.

Since people like lists, here's a list of programming languages I have recently (ish).

For my love of parenthetical asides in my prose, I'm not a heavy user of the Lisps. I mean, Emacs is my main editor, but I don't consider editing the Elisp in my configs "writing Elisp".

Curently employed to write Go to solve issues in the IoT space, specifically in restaurant kitchens. A fun intersection of interests, don't you think?

I also do music things, and try to write novels every November and "fail" every time.

About this site

You may be wondering why my site is the way it is (I know I always wonder about other people's design decisions - and not even from a "what the cuss is this cuss" perspective but from a "oh this is cussing cool" perspective. I like knowing thought processes.) Well, I tend to like brutalist designs. I like the Nord color pallate. So here we are - simple HTML, minimal CSS (so minimal I can inline it), and some nice modern amenities like deciding not to burn out your corneas if you have dark mode set. And no JavaScript because I don't need it for what I want this site to do.

It's static-ish HTML, too. Which is neat, if you ask me. By static-ish, I mean I use Go's built-in templating stuff in html/template to only write my base HTML stuff once and compile my content into that.